Friday, August 29, 2008

Training for the Nike 1/2 and missing my girl!

I woke up early today to run. I'm so not a morning runner. I would much rather run in the evening. But, since I will have to run in the morning when I run the Nike 1/2, I thought I should train some in the AM. I felt pretty good. I will see how I feel tomorrow when I run 10 miles with my group.

Before I began training for the Nike 1/2, I couldn't run without my i pod.

I signed up with Team in Training to run the Nike 1/2. They prefer you don't run with an i pod. The philospy is if you train with an i pod and something happens to that i pod when you get to the race, well you're screwed!

The first 2 weeks without my i pod were torture but now I really love it. Lots of time to think and soul search.

I am really missing Shayann. She married last year
and has now moved to Henderson to teach. I can't believe my "little" girl is almost 25 , married,owns a home and is teaching 4th graders! I'm so very proud!