Saturday, March 28, 2009


I delivered little M 5 months ago and his Mommy just sent me the pics! She is a friend of mine, so I cut her some slack:)


Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Review

I have been such a blog slacker but for a damn good reason.

I worked 122 hours in 2 weeks!! I was emotionally and physically drained. I AM happy to have a job so I'm not complaining, just tired.

I had a fun weekend though. Buddy is on Spring break and with his Dad so it was a weekend with my Mister.

Friday night we head out to dinner with his previous co-workers. It was hard to leave the job because of the wonderful people who made up his team. It was good for him to see them. I think he has been a little depressed so this definitely boosted his spirits.

Saturday afternoon we took off to Laguna Beach and stayed at a fabulous B & B called Casa Laguna Inn. I had been there a few years ago but by myself. I always wanted to return with someone. It's so romantic.

The view from our front door.

I heart this place. We arrived just in time for wine and cheese hour. Later, we head for dinner at a bar type restaurant. Live band + me = dancing!! i love to dance and so does Mr. J. So. Damn. much. Fun.

Slept and and ate the most incredible breakfast I've ever had. I heart this place!!

As we were leaving (it was hard to leave this place), our neighbors were also checking out. I noticed she had a guitar so I asked if she had a band. And she does!

Blame Sally is an all woman band. They are based out of San Francisco but was in the area for a concert. I had never heard of them but after chatting for 15 minutes, I found myself asking for the web site. She offered us a CD and I took it!

And WOW! The music is awesome! If you love music, look them up at

We spent today strolling the beach shops of Laguna Beach.

I bought a few items that will come in handy for our next trip. I have a class in Las Vegas the beginning of April. Mr. J is tagging along. I'm not sure it will be much fun for him as I will be in class all day but some of my family is coming to town so he will get to meet them. I justified my purchases..after all, I'll be in Vegas again in May so I really need some party clothes;)

I had such a nice, fun weekend.

Mr. J says he did too;)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Tougher day yesterday

When it rains, it pours!

Worked Sunday, busy, busy day. The night and wee morning was no better.

At 1:07AM I delivered a baby that was very, very sick, her Mother had an infection of unknown origin.
Totally gut wrenching.

When I left work yesterday, the baby was still critical. The parents heartbroken, I was a mess.
Emotionally exhausted, I drove the hour home and cried all the way. This is when I don't like my job.

I had to come back to work this morning and I am thrilled to report that the baby is way better and expected to make a full recovery. She was delivered in time to treat the infection already raging in her tiny body while she was still in her Mom.

I spent time with them this afternoon and cried tears of joy. Tears because she came in when she did. Tears because I kept her. Tears because she went fairly fast. Tears because the baby is better. Tears of relief and joy!

This is when I love my job.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Tough day

I woke up this morning not feeling myself. Many things have been going on that I have not blogged about, mainly because it's way too personal.

I have some tough decisions to make, many issues to review and resolve. I'm feeling alone and I don't want to face what I know I need too.


I know I will eventually get through it, I just don't want to walk the journey. Atleast not today.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Fun pictures.

Some fun pictures taken the day after I got home from Costa Rica.

I missed him. A lot!

I've fallen!

I know I said I didn't think this relationship was for the long term but now, now I don't know. What I do know is I love being with him and miss him when we are apart. I love talking on the phone with him and I am NOT a phone talker. I love his gentle and strong hug. I love that when I've had a not so good day he listens.
He opens my car door..even when I am driving.

So many things I love about this man, a few I certainly could do without but we are working on those together.

I'm not an easy woman and I have clearly become more independent with age and because I've been alone for 3 years. He must really like me to hang out with me and out up with some of my "not so good" qualities.

Perfect individuals we are not but maybe, just maybe we are perfect for each other. Only time will tell.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

September wedding

Babygirl2 and Bboy with marry September 6, 2009.

I have mixed emotions regarding the wedding. I so wish she would finish school before taking the plunge but she wants to do it now. We have talked, at length about marriage and struggles. She watched me struggle through school while working and raising kids. She thinks she can do it so I give them my best.

Man I feel so old. After all, June of 2007, babygirl1 married her high school sweetheart.

Babygirl1 lived with me up until the day she married. She and hubby finished college and married the next year. I wanted the same for babygirl2 but she has her own ideas. thank you to LindaLou who's' blog today helped me to feel better about this marriage.

The girls and me are great friends and I love our relationship. I will miss babygirl2 when she marries just as I miss babygirl1.

Letting go is NOT one of my strengths!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Happy Birthday MaMa!

Mama would have been 82 years old today.

Happy Birthday Mama. I miss you more than you know!

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Good-bye Monteverde. I so loved this place, but it's off to the beach! Yippee.

Finally! Sun, warm weather. When I was decided on a trip months ago, I wanted to go somewhere tropical, somewhere warm. I thought Costa Rica fit that description.


Until now. It's Sunny, warm and humid. I stayed in The Falls resort. Very tropical, very romantic!

Too bad I was alone. The resort is owned by an American couple. They bought the resort a year ago and moved from Colorado. Many Americans in Manuel Antonio. Property is quite cheap so if you are looking to relocate to another Country, this is definitely the place.

Decide to walk to the beach. Nice walk, down hill to the beach. Up hill back.

Downside of traveling alone: can't leave your belongings unattended so no swimming in the ocean. F!

The walk back prove to be a little more challenging then expected. Me + Humidity = lightheaded. Yep. had to sit on the side of the road for a short time before I felt well enough to continue. Took these pictures as I sat.

Got back to the hotel and saw a white face monkey eating bananas off the tree.

So awesome.
Hit the bed early. I have a hike in the morning.

Sunday, March 1, 2009

Monteverde,Costa Rica Days 5&6

Woke up early to catch my shuttle bus to Monteverde. This was, by far, the most interesting transportation and most uncomfortable.

Shuttle bus took us to a boat that transported us across Arenal lake so we could catch another shuttle bus. OMG, the road to Monteverde was wet, muddy and ROUGH. To make matters worse, I was sitting on a fold out seat and I was hurting. We were bouncing all over as the road has many holes. On the way, we saw some parts of the road that had just collapsed. Needless to say, it fucking freaked me out.

Stopped at a coffee plantation for a rest. Oh, did I mention that the total time to get to Monteverde is 6 hours?!?

The coffee bean is inside the red fruit. It's white until roasted.

Finally arrive at the hotel. One word....AWESOME!!!!

My room overlooked the gulf of the Pacific ocean. I'll post a picture later in this blog as on the day I arrived, there was hurricane force winds and rain. Awful combo but I made the best of it. The room more than made up for any wacky weather!!

Decided to take a taxi to town to eat dinner. Took the front desk recommendation and end up at Morphos.

I was the only customer for my entire meal. I was just about ready to pay my bill when a gentleman walked in. He struck up some conversation about the weather and than asked if I was dining alone. I told him I was about ready to leave and he asked if he could join me until I did.

I stayed through his whole meal!

Murray is a retired Psychiatrist who bought a one way ticket to Costa Rica so he would have no time constraints. He is 72 years old and looks like he is in his mid fifties. he has a partner at home but, from our conversations, not the best of a partnership. As we ended the night, he asked if we could have dinner the next night. I agreed. The picture is actually from the next night, but I'll post now.

Nice man. I felt he wanted me to stay the night with him but that wasn't going to happen!

Day 6:

Woke up early (again) to hike the cloud forrest. Such a beautiful forrest.

We had a rare experience to see the Quesal bird. this bird is endangered, only 2000 left. Originally from Guatemala, they migrated to Costa Rica because Guatemala no longer has any wild avocado trees for them to eat.

This picture does not do this bird justice. It's a big bird with a very long tail. The colors are so vivid, green and red!

After the hike, I grab a cup of coffee in a cafe. They have hummingbird feeders and I caught some great pics.

Went back to the hotel and decided to walk back down towards the forrest to alittle coffee shop I saw on the way back to the hotel.

Spent 2 hours here, drinking coffee, eating and reading. I loved it!

Walked back to the hotel with theses amazing views to keep me smiling.

Ended the night having dinner with Murray.

Leaving tomorrow for my final destination: The Beach! Warm weather at last!!