Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many days of recap

This week has been busy,relaxing, miserable, entertaining and stressful all rolled in one. Yikes.

I will do my best to catch up.

December 25. Such a great day. For the last 3 years, my ex come over in the AM and the kids open their presents. It wasn't always this way but over the years we have become better friends. It makes for a much better holiday.

After presents, we mae a huge breakfast and gorge ourselves as if it was the last breakfast. Great morning.

After the kids left to go to the ex's family Christmas, I decided to make a huge pot of coffee and settle in for a Sex and the City marathon. I LOVE Sex and The City and have probably seen every episode 5 times and I never get sick of it. It was shaping up to be such a fabulous day until that evening.

The pain started behind my eyes. I tried to ignore it but it progressively got worse. Within 2 hours I felt like my head would blow off. After taking a pharmacy of medications, my head was still exploding and now I was nauseated from taking too much Excedrin and Motrin. Not much sleep which only made the situation worse.

December 26:

Finally fell asleep about 5am only to wake up at 6am with the third world war being fought in my head. I dragged my ass to work were I barely survived. Thank God it was a light day so I was able to get to Urgent Care.

I was not only in pain but was so disappointed because I wanted to spend time with babygirl1 and hubby. I gave it my best shot but the fioronal was not kicking in very fast and I was miserable. I did sleep better which was a relief.

December 27:

I had to work again today and Babygirl1 and hubby had to go home. My work is on their way home so they stop to have lunch. I was definitely feeling better and we had a nice but short visit. I so miss her and my tears flowed heavily when she left.

After work, I had my 6th date with Mr. J. I know I have not posted much about him because I'm still not sure where this will actually go. We are having a great time together. He is fun to be around and he makes me laugh. Unfortunately, there is a little too much baggage for me. So unfortunate as I really do like him.
I have been honest with him and made my intentions clear. He knows, too, that he is not really ready for long term. And it's OK with me.

Clearly, this is a rebound relationship. Even though my last relationship ended 3 years ago, I still have not fully recovered. Yes, I have grown tremendously. I am much more stable, secure and Independant. I am happy with the woman I have become. yet, there is a small piece of me that still mourns my loss.

Mr J is in the middle of a messy divorce. He has been married 24 years and letting go of that kind of history is difficult. I have been there myself and We talk about the healing process frequently.

This relationship has got me thinking. A lot.
I have learned so much from my last relationship. I have learned to use my head AND my heart so I can see the red flags instead of rationalizing them away.
I am a cautious person and do not trust easily. Even though I blogged about how many dates should I wait until I jump into bed, I already knew the answer for myself and I obeyed my head and not my loins:)

I don't know how long this relationship will last. I had a dream the other night that he went back to his wife. In the dream, I was not angry but happy and relieved.

Maybe it's a sign.

Monday, December 29, 2008

Serious Sinus Infection

Oh Gawd, what an awful 4 days this has been.

Christmas night I started with a serious headache that would not go away. Started behind my eyes and quickly worked it's way through the top of my head and then to the back of my head. Serious pain.

I didn't sleep much that night and I had to work the next day. Being the responsible person that I am (I hate this quality sometimes), I went to work.

The moon must have been in the right place the night before because my patient load in the clinic was super light. By mid afternoon, I had the chills, green shit where it didn't belong, a headache that put any hangover headache I have ever had, to shame and a temperature of 101 degrees.

After clinic, I went to urgent care. My luck was still running strong because I didn't wait long at all. The drive there was a different story. My head felt like it was going to blow off and the sun rays were penetrating my sun glasses. It was unbearable!!!

I love urgent care Doctors. They love to hand out the drugs and get rid of you. The Doc. I saw was very generous. I got heavy duty antibiotic and some fiornal for my throbbing head.

I went to fill the prescription and decided to buy some more of Zyrtec D which is a decongestant. I don't know if any of you have bought decongestants lately but they ask to see your drivers license so they can enter your number into a computer to make sure you haven't been buying a bunch of decongestants to make methampetamines. UGH, the world we live in. Anyway, back to the story. The clerk looks at my license and says "Um, you license is expired."
F! How can that be. "they never sent me a renewal."
She told me " I'll just put 2012. License renewal is every 4 years right?"
I think she just felt sorry for me. I was looking pretty pathetic by this point.

However, now I feel sorry for myself too! I have to go to the DMV today and renew a license that has been expired for 1 month. Double F!!!!!

I will catch up tonight on my blogging. Many, many stories!!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Christmas Eve Cheer

Babygirl1 and hubby are in town. It's so good to see them. I miss my babygirl1 terribly but so proud of all she has accomplished and the beautiful woman she has become.

We joined babygirl1 & hubby at hubby's parent's home (got that?) for some Christmas Eve cheer. There was tons of food, good wine and funny stories. Fun, fun night.

Babygirl1 baked all day and made these (the picture doesn't do them justice)
Red velvet and chocolate hazelnut cupcakes. YUM!

Hubby's Mom has many Christmas trees with different themes. Absolutely amazing. I only took a picture of the HUGE tree in the foyer.

Fun times but I was exhausted. I had a tragic event at work yesterday and I haven't entirely recovered. I'll post about it after the holidays.

I'm happy you're *home* babygirl1. Mama misses you!

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Too damn tired

to blog! I have been working way to much and I'm feeling it. It will get a little better after Christmas.

I hope everyone had a fabulous weekend!

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Cost Rica trip

I have so preoccupied by Mr. J that I haven't blogged about my scheduled trip to Costa Rica.

I had hoped girlfriend would accompany me but she can't afford to take time from work. Poor thing has 2 kids in college so money is tight.
i don't have a problem traveling on my own but it sure would have been nice to have company.

I like to travel independently meaning not with an organized tour group. But in some regions and especially being a single woman traveler, an organized tour is better. I did, however, for a brief time considering doing this trip on my own.

After much researched, I booked through a travel company based in Costa Rica called Costarica4me. They offer small groups, no more than 12 in a group. This is awesome because larger groups tend to scare off wildlife. This company has been fantastic and very helpful.

Here is a copy of my itinerary:

Darlene’s Costa Rica Getaway
Feb 3: Welcome to Costa Rica! Upon arrival to Juan Santamaria International Airport, you will be greeted by a Pacific Trade Winds S.A. representative. Private transportation will then be provided to the 4 Star Arenal Springs Resort & Spa located in La Fortuna. This fun little tourist town is located in the shadow of the imposing Arenal Volcano. During your stay, you will enjoy a Junior Suite equipped with your choice of two queen beds or one king size bed, A / C, fan, cable tv, phone, wireless internet, mini-bar, coffee maker, safe box, oversized bathroom with volcanic rock surroundings, hair dryer, and front patio providing an outstanding view of Arenal Volcano. Breakfast included daily. (Rental Car can be substituted for provided transportation. Please see below for difference in pricing.)
Feb 4: Today you will soar through the tree tops of the rainforest on your gondola style Sky Tram adventure. This is a comfortable way to view the wildlife that inhabits the canopy. After Sky Tram, professional bilingual guides will lead you through a series of zipline cables on your Sky Trek Adventure. The canopy zipline is a one of a kind tour which is Costa Rica's most popular adventure activity with thousands participating annually.

Feb 5: Today you will go on a river boat ride down Rio Frio in the wild CaƱo Negro National Park. A bilingual naturalist guide will point out the abundant wildlife, flora & fauna that call this park home. This reserve is another important sanctuary for a wide variety of endangered species. Lunch included.
Feb 6: You will go on an easy hike through the Rainforest, with a bilingual naturalist guide who will point out the abundant wildlife, flora & fauna. When you reach the clearing, you will be at the closest observation point to Arenal Volcano. Being the third most active volcano in the world, Arenal erupts every 5 to 10 minutes. After approximately 45 minutes of viewing, you will be able to visit the geothermally heated Baldi Hot Springs where you will be able to relax & bathe as Arenal erupts in the background.

Feb 7: Our famous Land-Boat-Land transportation to Monteverde. After crossing Arenal Lake which provides some of the best photo ops of the imposing volcano, you will be brought to El Establo Resort. During your stay, you will enjoy a Deluxe Room equipped with 2 Queen size beds with Orthopedic mattresses, Cable TV, Bathrooms with separate bath tub and shower, Safe Deposit Box, Refrigerator, Telephone, Coffee Maker, and Hair dryer. Breakfast included daily.
Feb 8: A bilingual naturalist guide will lead you on an easy hike through the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. Your guide will point out and describe many endangered species, as well as educate you on the importance of sustaining this vital reserve. At an average elevation of 1,400 meters, this forest is home to numerous species of wildlife, unique to this area.

Feb 9: Transportation will be provided to The Falls Resort located in Manuel Antonio. This new resort offers a refreshing approach to luxury accommodations in Manuel Antonio. The resort is surrounded by lush tropical gardens and waterfalls, providing a serene environment and splendid views. During your stay, you will enjoy a standard Suite equipped with king size bed, full bath with large walk in shower, cable television with DVD, mini-bar, overhead fan, air conditioning, covered porch with sitting area and a hammock for relaxation. Breakfast included daily.

Feb 10: A bilingual naturalist guide will lead you on a tour of discovery through Manuel Antonio National Park. Along the way your guide will point out the abundant wildlife, flora & fauna. This park plays a vital role in the global environment as it is home to a wide variety of endangered species.
Feb 11: Today you will go on a Catamaran Cruise Coastal Adventure. This is a great way to possibly observe whales, dolphins & sea turtles. After cruising along the beautiful shores of Manuel Antonio, you will stop at a secluded beach to Snorkel above a Tropical, Coral Reef and enjoy a provided Hot Meal.

Later, private transportation will be provided back through the Cloud Forest of the Talamanca Mountains to the Grano de Oro. During your stay, you will enjoy a Superior room. All rooms are furnished in Tropical Victorian styles with wrought-iron beds and rich damask fabrics in three jeweled color schemes - navy, burgundy and forest-green. The art and furnishings are handcrafted by Costa Rican artists. No two rooms are alike. Private baths are blue and white Italian tile adorned with gleaming base fixtures. Breakfast is included daily.

Feb 12: Private transportation will be provided to Juan Santamaria International Airport scheduled to arrive 3 hours prior to your departure.
Pura Vida!

I can't wait to Zipline (canopy tour). Scare. The. Hell. Out. Of. Me.
And that is exactly why I'm doing it.

I have a travel journal and will write about my trip and then transfer when I get home.

BTW, still stuck at work but help is on the way!!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008


It has been snowing ALL day and there must be 6 inches on the ground. Now, I know for you in the Midwest this is nothing. But, for Southern California? It's absolutely crazy!!!

The hospital has called an Internal disaster which means that nobody can leave! All except one nurse called in sick on the labor and delivery unit and hospital wide, they are 35 nurse short!!

I took tons of pictures with my cell phone and I will have a CD made so I can download to my computer so I'll post them in a few days.

I'm not sure I will even get home tomorrow. If not, I'll have to cancel my date with Mr. J!

Maybe that's a sign;)

Beautifil Snow

I'm so glad I drove up last night to stay with a friend.

It's snowing.

And not just a little snow. It's really coming down. And it's absolutely beautiful:)

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Wacky Weather

It rained all day yesterday, so hard at times, I thought it would come through the roof. Snow level was down to 2000 feet so my route to work was closed. Thankful, I didn't work there yesterday.

I do have to work tomorrow and another Storm is on the way. I'm playing it safe and spending the night with a friend that lives close to work.

Not much new to report with Mr. J. Met him briefly for coffee on Sunday and we will have another date on Thursday. I'm still not sure about this guy. I was so excited about him.

And then we went on a date. I won't say his issue but they are there. I'll feel it out more Thursday.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Mr J

Yesterday, I did my part to stimulate the economy.. I shopped for the perfect,just sexy enough outfit.

And I found it.

I took pictures last night but they are awful so you all will have to wait until later to see it. Oh, the suspense:)

I talk to Mr. J last night for over an hour after one hour of texting. He is hinting for sure about sleeping with me tomorrow night. I was tempted to keep it on that level but, I toned it down a notch. My head tells me to move slow. My promise land (thanks Jules) says another.

We met briefly for coffee this morning. He. Looked. Amazing.
Black cashmere sweater with grey slacks. Swoon.

When I left, I was both excited and scared. Shit, this will be hard but I know I have to do it.

Unless, of course, I don't think this will be a long term thing. I can then, break the rules;)

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Mr J Update;)

I have a date with Mr J on Friday night. He is taking me to a fancy smancy restaurant which is usually not my style but I'll let him impress me;) I'm going shopping today for the perfect first date, knock him dead outfit!

I'm excited. I have only been on one date since my spilt from VIP and that date was um.... BORING!

Mr J is far from boring which also has me a little concerned. I think my single friends know what I mean. So, I don't want to sound like I'm, well easy but, if he makes a move, how soon is too soon?
Girlfriend says three dates but she sooo never listens to her own advice;)

I have pondering this so long I'm freaking myself out. I need some more advice!


Tuesday, December 9, 2008

My SSS gift!

As I posted a few days ago, I received my SSS gift but I was too sick to take pictures.

First, I want to thank my SSS for the nice gifts and to Georgie and crew for organizing this whole thing. It was fun to stalk my own SSS, get to know her in secret and then do some shopping. And it was exciting to get a package from someone I don't know filled with stuff she knows I like.

I still don't know who my SSS is. I've done a little investigating but not enough to figure it out. the package came from Louisiana. She was so kind to give me an easy hint: she is a obsessed with Twilight. look at the cute note:

Pampering for my feet after a long run. Loves! My feet adore these socks!

Best of all is my book! I have wanted to read this book but have not bought it. SSS suggest I read this book

While in here:

Sounds like a great combination!

Thank you again SSS. I will have to work harder to find your identity!

Monday, December 8, 2008

SSS gift.

I got my SSS gift yesterday. Actually, I probably got it on Saturday but this cold has really kicked my ass!

I have to work today and I'm still not feeling very good. I will take pictures soon and post.

Thank you to my SSS! I got some really awesome things:)

Saturday, December 6, 2008

Retreat, Party, Possiblities and an Earthquake.

Yesterday, our Director and Manager put together a retreat for us Midwives. My manager, Red, has a nice condo in the middle of hell. I work in Apple Valley, a depressing Desert town with nothing much to do but watch the sand blow.

Anyway, Red lives up there, actually moved from Huntington Beach. She lives on a man-made lake and actually pretty and serene. During the retreat, my director, Southern Bell, looked out the window to see this really cool, light blue bird. Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

We spent the day reflecting, eating and making bath salts.

I gave up quickly on the bath salt project (can't you buy those) when my first attempt looked like coffee grounds and smelled like Vick's vapor rub. Hmmm, something told me that I wouldn't want to put them in my bath tub. The girls were so kind. They made some for me;)

After the bath salt extravaganza, we had to get ready for the Medical staff party. We all got dolled up for the big event.

I wasn't feeling well. I have a little bit of a cold so I wasn't really in the party mood. But, I popped some Advil and made the best of it. Good thing I did. I met someone.

Mr. J is a Pharmacist at the hospital but lives in the next town over from me. He is attentive, nice looking and smart. We chatted for about an hour playing the "getting to know you." I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, never once looking at my watch (OK, I wasn't wearing a watch but you know what I mean). He didn't knock me off my feet but I was definitely interested.

However, there are a few issues.

First, he is getting a divorce and it will be final in January. A plus of this part is that they have been separated for 2 years. Negative. What took so damn long?

Second, he has 3 children the youngest is FIVE! UGH! I so don't want to start over. I have raised my kids, thoroughly enjoyed it. But my Babygirl1 is 25 years old and married. I'm looking forward to grand kids not step kids.

However, I am interest enough that when he asked, I gave him my number. He called me after I got home but I missed it. When I finally listen to the message, it was too late to call back. He wants to have brunch tomorrow but I have plans with girlfriend so it will have to wait till next weekend.

Here are a few highlight pictures.

Rockstar, Tigger and me.

Rockstar and her most amusing hubby.

And now for a pic of Mr. J. Ready?

Mr.J, me, Tigger and hubby

What do you think?

In the middle of the party, there was an earthquake. Rockin my world inside and out;)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Booked my flight...

Now I need to find a tour in Costa Rica. I have it narrowed to two. I just need to make up my mind. Girlfriend can't go so I'm looking at tours.

I really didn't want to do a tour but I am a little nervous to be on my own in Central America. I have no problem traveling alone in Europe but I think I will feel better in Costa Rica in a group.

Decision time.

Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Funny story

I am working so much this week so I don't have anything to blog.

I got this funny story in my e mail the other day. I especially love it because I am a nurse:)

You gotta love a good nurse.....A motorcycle patrolman was rushed to the
hospital with inflamed appendix. The doctors operated and advised him
that all was well,However, the patrolman kept feeling something pulling at
the hairs in his crotch. Worried that it might be a second surgery the
doctors hadn't told him about, he finally got enough energy to pull his
hospital gown up enough so he could look at what was making him so
uncomfortable.Taped firmly across his pubic hair were three wide strips
of adhesive tape, the kind that doesn't come off easily. Written in large
black letters was the sentence:'Get well soon....from the nurse in the
Jeep you pulled over last week...'

This is a true story now. I went to Midwifery school with a former ER nurse. She was driving with her husband in LA and they were pulled over for blown out taillight. Instead of giving a fix it ticket, the asshole cop (sorry if any cops are reading) made them get out of the car and sit on the curb. The cop told them they they were looking for a suspect that is Hispanic (her husband is Hispanic) for a domestic disturbance in Compton. Andrea told the cop "we are on our way home from Target, and we don't live anywhere near Compton." Andrea even told the cop she was a nurse and worked the ER and Assured the cop her husband could not possibly be involved in a domestic disturbance. He wouldn't listen, and made them sit there for 1 hour until a call came over the radio that they caught the guy.
He was STILL in Compton.

Andrea found out later that night at work, from another cop that the guy was on foot. The whole time! The cop who pulled them over was being an asshole. But, it gets better.

Andrea worked night shift in an LA hospital. So, 2 weeks after this incident, guess who rolls in with a prisoner? Yep! The asshole cop.

The prisoner was not hurt bad, required a few stitches. It's courtesy that the ER will see these pts. as soon as possible so the cop can leave. It was towards the end of his shift and he needs to get this dude out of there so he can book him and go home himself. But, when Andrea told her co workers that this was the asshole cop, he was treated with the same courtesy as he showed Andrea.


It was decided by the Doctor that this dude, after his stitches, would need an x ray. Since it wasn't an emergency, he would have to wait until after all the urgent cases. When the cop complained and asked for some courtesy because he was at the end of his shift Andrea told him "You will get the same courtesy you gave to my husband a few weeks ago."

Andrea said they laughed their asses off watching him pout in the waiting room.

I wish I had that kind of power sometimes;)

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Saturday matinee

I decided to do something today that I had never done before.
I went to a movie. Alone.

Yep, I have traveled alone but I have never been to a movie alone.

I went to see The boy in the striped pajamas. A very disturbing movie about a German boy who befriends a Jewish boy in a concentration camp. Overall, the movie is just okay. The ending is quite disturbing.

After the movie, I went to Vroman's book store and decided on my next travel destination.

I sat in the bookstore for over an hour reading about Costa Rica. I'm so excited. I hope girlfriend will go with me.

If not, I will go.


Thursday, November 27, 2008

Just Sophie and me.

I'm spending Thanksgiving with Sophie. I picked up a pizza last night for our feast today:)

One of the labor and delivery nurses is due tomorrow and I agreed to deliver her. It's her third baby so I can't go far. Everyone else is in Las Vegas at Babygirl1 and hubby's house. Boo!

Post pictures of your feasts. I'll have a virtual Thanksgiving:)

Happy Thanksgiving!

Tuesday, November 25, 2008

No Pajamas in public!

I went to the postal annex to mail my IRS payment(F!) and this dude in front of me was in pajamas AND slippers. Is it that fucking hard to get out of your pajamas and into some sweats? Geez!

I wanted to take a picture of him but resisted.

Something told me he would not be amused.

Thursday, November 20, 2008

November 20, 1963 @ 3:50 am

I was born:)

I'm Forty fucking five today!

My birthday is a big deal to me and I'll tell ya why.

My Mom ALWAYS forgot my birthday. Just couldn't remember.
First, I'm the youngest of eight. I have 5 older brothers (would have been 6 but he was born premature and died) and 1 sister. needless to say, my Mother expected a boy. Had a name picked out. So when I turn out to be a she, my Mother had no clue what to name me. According to my Mother, the nurse said:

"what are you going to name her?"

My Mother said: " I dunno."

Nurse: "How about Darlene, she is so Darling."

Mother: "OK."

Makes you well up with tears huh?

So, two days after I made my most forgettable entrance, another event happened that would further erase my birth from my Mother's brain.

President Kennedy was assassinated.

In all the years my Mother was alive, she wished me a Happy Birthday on
November 22. If it wasn't for my birth certificate, I'd swear that was my birthday.

I think I'll celebrate again, on November 22. just for my MaMa;)

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Quick visit with my Big Brother

My big brother was in Southern California for a few days on business. Due to both our work schedules, we could only squeeze in a few hours last night before he left for Washington D.C this morning.

I googled some restaurants close to LAX and found a winner: Pann.

Pann is a diner and been in business since 1958. breakfast is served all day so we both opted for breakfast.

The food was really good. We both had omelets. We decided to share so we cut our om lets in half and switched. I wish I had taken pictures but I was so excited to see Big Brother, I forgot.

I haven't seen Big Brother in 1 1/2 years. He lives in Utah were he is not a Mormon and one of ten who voted for Obama.

We talked so long, we ended up closing the place down. The Manager was kind to take our picture before she kicked us out;)

Even though we talk on the phone often, it was so good to see you Big Brother.
You are a rock in my life!

Fifteen Years ago Today...