Sunday, June 14, 2009

Scholarship for Babygirl2 and a mini Family reunion

Babygirl2 was awarded The Sean Brunske Economics Scholarship and she was invited to attend a reception in honor of this scholarship. Three other students received this same scholarship.

I am so proud of Babygirl2. It's not been an easy road for her and this honor, her achievement is so awesome. Of all my kids, she has the biggest brains. She also is witty, funny and gorgeous.

Babygirl2 use to tell me that I was too hard on her and that I thought she was much smarter than she really is. Remember when your Mom said stuff to you and you thought she was crazy only to realize later in life that she was right?

I think Babygirl2 realizes I was right:)

Saturday June 13

My Bigbro M and family flew in from Minnesota on Thursday for 4 short days. He has a new GREAT grand baby! He is the oldest and there are 7 of us in total (I'm the baby and yes I probably do still act like the baby!)but still! How we get this old?!?

I manage to get 5 out of 7 of us together. Two brothers couldn't make it.
We met at LaBella pizza for some catching up and some awesome pizza!

This place has been here for 54 years. I use to come here after football games and whenever I wanted great pizza.

Our guest of honor

Pictures before gluttony:

And after:

The siblings. The one with the white mustache is BigBro M.

My Fam!

My Sis and me!

Me and BigBroM

My awesome Kids! Look how ginormous buddy is next to his sisters!

What an awesome day!


AmyK said...

Congrats to Babygirl #2. Every bit helps. My #2 daughter got a few and we were grateful for every one. What a nice family get together. I love all the smiles.

Julie said...

Congrats, BG2!!!!! That's so great! And love the family pictures. Especially YOUR family. You all look good together!!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

That's so awesome! Congratulations to your baby girl.

Loved the pictures! Does the family adore your Mr. J?

How tall is your son?

Danica said...

What a beautiful family!!!!

Congrats to BG2!!

We have a pizza place like that in my mom's home town. It's funny because in between calling hours for my mom, we went to that pizza place and celebrated her life. She use to love to go there all of the time.

Fragrant Liar said...

How fun on the family reunion. I love getting together with my siblings and parents. We all live so far apart now. You have a beautiful family.

Congrats to Babygirl2. I'm gonna say Mama was right too! As always, right? :)

Eric said...

Kudos to you all! I absolutely know what you are talking about when discuss resistance. I was the worst! But look at me now!