Saturday, July 11, 2009

Lots of work but some fun

I started my new job, well hospital orientation. Even though it's not physically demanding, hospital orientation is such a yawner that it wears you out mentally. Bright side: I get paid:)

In between orientation and my full time job, I've managed to have some fun.
Babygirl2 turned 22 on July 1. Since babygirl1 was coming to visit in a few short days, we decided to celebrate on July 3rd.

We had an awesome dinner at P.F Changs, a chain Chinese bistro. it's Americanized Chinese but tasty all the same. Even more interesting is that my ex husband and his girlfriend were there along with my mister. We have certainly come a long way!

Buddy and me! My baby boy is ginormous at 6'1". Yikes!!

Babygirl1 and hubby

Babygirl2, BBoy and son (I need a nickname for my new grandson!).

Me and my Mister;)

After a good, filling dinner it was time to sing happy birthday to my pretty girl!

My girl Loathes the singing part but didn't mind dessert:)

We really had a good time. In 2 short months, babygirl2 will be married and will be Bboy's wife. It's so hard to believe that my feisty, gutsy, beautiful, intelligent baby is old enough to be a wife. Where did the time go?? I feel good that I can look back and not wish I had more time when she was young. I enjoy my babygirls and my buddy in their youngness.

The family and my kids' Dad. Look how buddy towers over his Dad!!

The kids and me!

I am grateful for my fabulous kids! It wasn't always easy or fun but, so very worth it!!


AmyK said...

What a beautiful family you have. Isn't it great to be able to enjoy them as friends as well as your children?

Danica said...

What a wonderful, beautiful, happy family. You are blessed.

Julie said...

How fun! I can't believe how tall Buddy is. Wow! And you, my dear, look amazing as a redhead. It's a must keep!

Fragrant Liar said...

Great-looking family, chica. And fun pics. Kids do get to be adults so fast, it makes your head spin. Good news: grandkids are a kick, right?

Vegas Linda Lou said...

What a beautiful family! Tell your daughter I can't stand the singing part, either. When I was little, I used to sit under the table until it was over. I still feel like that now.

Good luck with the new job!