Sunday, September 7, 2008

Super Sunday and Travel Talk.

Super Sunday! I love the weekends that I wake up when I want. Lying in bed until I want to get up. I am not a morning person so I savory these days that are rare.

Ran with Sophie and then it was lunch with VIP. Chinese as usual but, I love it. I actually prefer Chinese over all other foods now. Maybe I was Chinese in my previous life:)

Shopping for homes is usually what we do on the weekend. Not for "us" but for VIP. We use to be "we" but now we are two "I's".
It really started me thinking of the future of I that is known as me. Where will I be when the key people in my life are no longer around? I need to make a serious decision or find myself in two years exactly where I was three years ago. I. can't. let. that. happen.

And just like that, I snap out out of pondering the serious to pondering a vacation. Yep. Much easier to ignore the obvious sometimes.
China was on the top of list. Yummy food, spectacular sites and one long ass flight! Maybe I should explore America a little more:)

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