Tuesday, April 21, 2009

There's really nothing wrong with him!

I manage to have a nice weekend despite my cold. I liquored up on airborne and I didn't get as sick as a lot of my colleagues. Whew!

I hung out with my Mister most of the weekend. Saturday our "boys" met and it was love at first sight. Buddy is exceptional with kids and little dude is no exception. They bonded over wii and the swimming pool. It was a warm, sunny day, perfect for our activities. I wish I could post a picture but I don't feel comfortable to post a picture of him without his dad's okay. I will tell you though, he is a stunner!

Later that day, I drove buddy to the theater so he could see a movie with his friends. He says to me on the drive:

"Mom, I like Mr. J. i hope you marry him."

Me:Umm, I'm glad you like him but, it's only been 4 1/2 months.

Buddy:Well, you are older so don't wait too long.

Me: I should probably wait for him to ask me though.

Buddy: Mom, this is 2009, girls ask that kind of stuff. And, there's really nothing wrong with him so don't wait.

There's really nothing wrong with him!

Wisdom of a fifteen year old boy.


Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Wisdom from your son! I love it! I'm glad that the boys got along. I'm sure that was reassuring for you too.

We want to be the first ones to know when he asks that big question!!!

Soxy Deb said...

Wise beyond his years my dear! Kids usually know more than we give them credit for.

Glad to hear y'all had a nice visit!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

That is so funny! Of course, it doesn't say much about the previous boyfriends he's met. And let's hope he's a little more discriminating when he picks a woman to marry--ha! Precious.

Danica Lynn said...

How freaking cute it that!!!! I love the honesty of children!

"J" said...

Awwww I love it!!! Your son sounds as CUTE as ever!!!!

Did you tell Mr J what your son said?

That is sooooooooooooooo FUNNY - it just cracks me up!!! You never know what kids will say or for that matter what they are thinking!!!!! It's nice that he approves of Mr. J!!!!


I can't wait to see pics! How old is J's son?

Julie said...

That's hilarious. I love me some of that boy of yours.

Um hello, *I* better get the first announcement! Don't make me read it here!!!!!