Sunday, May 3, 2009

Super Sunday

Babygirl1 and hubby are in town. Always so good to have them *home*.

Babygirl1 and babygirl2 worked hard all day making the invitations for the wedding. I can't believe how incredibly talented my girls are. These invitations are SO beautiful. Better than most I have seen professionally. I will take a pic in a few days and post.

In the afternoon, we went to my Mister's place and he grilled some steaks.

The chef is hot isn't he;)

My most awesome kids!

We had such a great time.
Buddy blew us off for church and a girl! That's just fine though. If he'd been there, we would have run out of food for sure.


Danica said...

Ah how beautiful is that family of yours! And that hot're one lucky girl!!!

I'd love to see the invitations your girls make. I love doing that kind of stuff! Always amazed at how talented people are that make invitations.

Soxy Deb said...

Yum. The chef is hot. Scrumptious even.

You all are such a cute bunch. :)

Julie said...

Yes, the chef is quite hot. I think we'll keep him!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Beautiful family and the chef is adorable!

AmyK said...

I have 3 adult daughters. Isn't it fun now that they are friends as well?

Julie said...

Happy Mother's Day!!!!!!