Sunday, May 17, 2009

Santa Barbara, Concert and a Wedding

What an awesome time in Santa Barbara! The weather was sunny and warm.

We arrived at our cute B & B.

just in time to relax a little and have a snack before we headed out for the concert.

We had dinner where the concert was being held. Not super impressed by the main course but, our dessert was fab!

Then it was time for music!

So Awesome. I love this girl band. The music is intense, passionate and full of love.

We talk to Rene, the band member we had met in Laguna Beach. She remembered us and was genuinely happy we came. She graciously took a picture with us:)

The next morning we had a nice homemade breakfast at the B & B, carrot pancakes...Yum! The coffee, not so yum and MaMa needs her coffee in the morning.
The solution... Starbucks!

We had the privilege of running into one of the band members in Starbucks. We chatted for a few minutes and then we had to leave town. WAH!

After 6 looonnnggg hours in the car (traffic was horrid!) we picked up our boys for some pizza and fun. Lil dude scored a lot of tickets in the arcade and came away with some fun stuff.

Saturday evening, one of the nurse I work with got married. I was honored to be invited and excited as this was my first *social* outing with Mr. J!

The happy couple

Another Happy couple!

I went up for the bouquet toss assuring Mr. J that I NEVER catch it.

And I did;)

The rest of the evening, I danced with my Mister ( that's MISTER, not SISTER) and had a most wonderful time.

Good thing, because now it's back to work and a busy, busy schedule, with one exception.... Vegas! Unfortunately, my time is greatly shorten there due to the shortage at work. But, I plan to make soem fabulous memories;)


Danica said...

You look so wonderfully happy!!!! What's in store now that you caught that bouquet? HA :-)

AmyK said...

Your B&B looks wonderful and what an eventful weekend. My last B&B experience was awful. I'm glad yours was beautiful.

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

The B&B looks like a beautiful place. I say this over and over again but you two make such a cute couple.

Now that the bouquets been caught, any hints from Mr. J?

Julie said...

Ahahahahahaha, you caught the bouquet???? I'd have let that puppy drop to the floor and stared at it. LOL

3 more days. Can. Not. Wait.

Kidnapping you and refusing to let you leave early, just FYI. Calling you in sick....

Joanna Jenkins said...

I'm new to your blog and really enjoyed looking around. The B&B is lovely, the bride beautiful and you look so darn happy! I'll stop back again soon.

"J" said...

The B&B looks FAB!!!! Sounds like yall had a blast!!!! What a great weekend get-away!!!!

you caught the bouquet - ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh - I love it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Look out Mr. J here she comes!!!!!!!!!!!