Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Manuel Antonio, Costa Rica

Good-bye Monteverde. I so loved this place, but it's off to the beach! Yippee.

Finally! Sun, warm weather. When I was decided on a trip months ago, I wanted to go somewhere tropical, somewhere warm. I thought Costa Rica fit that description.


Until now. It's Sunny, warm and humid. I stayed in The Falls resort. Very tropical, very romantic!

Too bad I was alone. The resort is owned by an American couple. They bought the resort a year ago and moved from Colorado. Many Americans in Manuel Antonio. Property is quite cheap so if you are looking to relocate to another Country, this is definitely the place.

Decide to walk to the beach. Nice walk, down hill to the beach. Up hill back.

Downside of traveling alone: can't leave your belongings unattended so no swimming in the ocean. F!

The walk back prove to be a little more challenging then expected. Me + Humidity = lightheaded. Yep. had to sit on the side of the road for a short time before I felt well enough to continue. Took these pictures as I sat.

Got back to the hotel and saw a white face monkey eating bananas off the tree.

So awesome.
Hit the bed early. I have a hike in the morning.


Danica Lynn said...

Oh wow! I love your photos. YOu look like you had the most amazing time!

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Love the pics!

Soxy Deb said...

I'm so glad you finally got some nie weather, but BOOOO that you couldn't enjoy the ocean.
Absolutely gorgeous pictures girl!

"J" said...

I'm so for real....I don't know how you travel by yourself!!!! Next time take Mr. Hottie!!!!

Girl, I would have never walked down that freaking road by myself...lol....I'm to much of a chicken-butt!!!! It's just good to know your safe!!!!

Heck, I didn't even like going to our room on the cruise ship by myself...lol!!!!

Love the pictures!!! The monkey is so cool!!! The beach resort place sounds WONDERFUL!!!!!! =)