Sunday, March 22, 2009

Weekend Review

I have been such a blog slacker but for a damn good reason.

I worked 122 hours in 2 weeks!! I was emotionally and physically drained. I AM happy to have a job so I'm not complaining, just tired.

I had a fun weekend though. Buddy is on Spring break and with his Dad so it was a weekend with my Mister.

Friday night we head out to dinner with his previous co-workers. It was hard to leave the job because of the wonderful people who made up his team. It was good for him to see them. I think he has been a little depressed so this definitely boosted his spirits.

Saturday afternoon we took off to Laguna Beach and stayed at a fabulous B & B called Casa Laguna Inn. I had been there a few years ago but by myself. I always wanted to return with someone. It's so romantic.

The view from our front door.

I heart this place. We arrived just in time for wine and cheese hour. Later, we head for dinner at a bar type restaurant. Live band + me = dancing!! i love to dance and so does Mr. J. So. Damn. much. Fun.

Slept and and ate the most incredible breakfast I've ever had. I heart this place!!

As we were leaving (it was hard to leave this place), our neighbors were also checking out. I noticed she had a guitar so I asked if she had a band. And she does!

Blame Sally is an all woman band. They are based out of San Francisco but was in the area for a concert. I had never heard of them but after chatting for 15 minutes, I found myself asking for the web site. She offered us a CD and I took it!

And WOW! The music is awesome! If you love music, look them up at

We spent today strolling the beach shops of Laguna Beach.

I bought a few items that will come in handy for our next trip. I have a class in Las Vegas the beginning of April. Mr. J is tagging along. I'm not sure it will be much fun for him as I will be in class all day but some of my family is coming to town so he will get to meet them. I justified my purchases..after all, I'll be in Vegas again in May so I really need some party clothes;)

I had such a nice, fun weekend.

Mr. J says he did too;)


momcat said...

What a great prize after working so hard! You two look good together.

Julie said...

Aw, that sounds fabulous. I used to have great weekends like that, and I really need to have some more!!!

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Sounds so romantic. You deserved a nice weekend. 122 hours is too much for anyone so take care of yourself!

Danica Lynn said...

Looks like you had a fabulous time!!! I need a weekend like that!

Soxy Deb said...

Sounds positively wonderful. Good for you both. :)

Vegas Linda Lou said...

I've always wondered about Laguna Beach--now I really want to go. You two look very happy together--yay! Next trip to Vegas is work, but Memorial Day weekend is PLAY TIME!

Julie said...

Hey pumpkin, just checking in...