Wednesday, November 5, 2008

What a Night!

'This is Your Victory'

No matter how you voted, this election was historical. I admire those who waited in line for hours to cast their vote.

I watched nonstop election coverage breaking only to pick up Buddy from football practice. I didn't want to miss the moment when the President elect was announced.

And what a moment. My house Baracked the Victory!!

It was amazing to be apart of this election. I have never been so involved in an election. This election was different. Not a day went by that I didn't read about current events. On my way to work, I listen to news radio instead of music. This election was too important.

Emotions were high when President elect Barack Obama gave his acceptance speech in Grant Park. His speech was dynamic, strong and humble. I felt for him as this day, a great victory, could not be shared with his beloved Grandmother who passed away the day before. He has not even been able to mourn her loss.

John McCain gave an eloquent speech. He was gracious, quieting the crowd when they would boo.

I wish I had today off. Most at work here do not share my views and worse can't have an intelligent conversation without being attacked.

So I will celebrate in my heart.

And carry a HUGE smile:)


Soxy Deb said...

Yep! And that's the reason I rarely even speak of either religion or politics on my blog. People tend to get a little proprietary about the man they voted for.
The booing disappointed me, as you know. I only hope we can all just get behind the new President and move forward. There is no point in looking back, or to the what-ifs.
On to our future!!

Megryansmom said...

I'm celebrating with you :)

Julie said...

I know...I loved his speech last night. I cried through it all! Very touching, very emotional.

Danica Lynn said...

I still cry when I hear snipits of his speech. Such a wonderful man.

Julie said...

Hey hotstuff, what's going on today? Just dropping by to say hi!