Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Many days of recap

This week has been busy,relaxing, miserable, entertaining and stressful all rolled in one. Yikes.

I will do my best to catch up.

December 25. Such a great day. For the last 3 years, my ex come over in the AM and the kids open their presents. It wasn't always this way but over the years we have become better friends. It makes for a much better holiday.

After presents, we mae a huge breakfast and gorge ourselves as if it was the last breakfast. Great morning.

After the kids left to go to the ex's family Christmas, I decided to make a huge pot of coffee and settle in for a Sex and the City marathon. I LOVE Sex and The City and have probably seen every episode 5 times and I never get sick of it. It was shaping up to be such a fabulous day until that evening.

The pain started behind my eyes. I tried to ignore it but it progressively got worse. Within 2 hours I felt like my head would blow off. After taking a pharmacy of medications, my head was still exploding and now I was nauseated from taking too much Excedrin and Motrin. Not much sleep which only made the situation worse.

December 26:

Finally fell asleep about 5am only to wake up at 6am with the third world war being fought in my head. I dragged my ass to work were I barely survived. Thank God it was a light day so I was able to get to Urgent Care.

I was not only in pain but was so disappointed because I wanted to spend time with babygirl1 and hubby. I gave it my best shot but the fioronal was not kicking in very fast and I was miserable. I did sleep better which was a relief.

December 27:

I had to work again today and Babygirl1 and hubby had to go home. My work is on their way home so they stop to have lunch. I was definitely feeling better and we had a nice but short visit. I so miss her and my tears flowed heavily when she left.

After work, I had my 6th date with Mr. J. I know I have not posted much about him because I'm still not sure where this will actually go. We are having a great time together. He is fun to be around and he makes me laugh. Unfortunately, there is a little too much baggage for me. So unfortunate as I really do like him.
I have been honest with him and made my intentions clear. He knows, too, that he is not really ready for long term. And it's OK with me.

Clearly, this is a rebound relationship. Even though my last relationship ended 3 years ago, I still have not fully recovered. Yes, I have grown tremendously. I am much more stable, secure and Independant. I am happy with the woman I have become. yet, there is a small piece of me that still mourns my loss.

Mr J is in the middle of a messy divorce. He has been married 24 years and letting go of that kind of history is difficult. I have been there myself and We talk about the healing process frequently.

This relationship has got me thinking. A lot.
I have learned so much from my last relationship. I have learned to use my head AND my heart so I can see the red flags instead of rationalizing them away.
I am a cautious person and do not trust easily. Even though I blogged about how many dates should I wait until I jump into bed, I already knew the answer for myself and I obeyed my head and not my loins:)

I don't know how long this relationship will last. I had a dream the other night that he went back to his wife. In the dream, I was not angry but happy and relieved.

Maybe it's a sign.


Julie said...

Wowza. 6 dates already? I feel so left out! LOL...

Did I mention I got the S&TC movie for Xmas? And I have all 7 seasons on DVD???? We are truly sisters separated at birth.

Happy New Year, babe.

Vegas Linda Lou said...

Oh, Christ--don't you wish you could find the perfect guy and just live happily ever after? Is that too much to ask?

Happy New Year, Travel Girl! May 2009 be filled with lots of good fun and great sex!

Danica Lynn said...

Happy New Year! I hope 2009 is filled with love, peace and much happiness!

"J" said...

I was wondering what was going on with you and J! lol

I'm glad yall are having fun and hanging out! =) Friends are good! Guy friends are even better!!! lol