Monday, December 8, 2008

SSS gift.

I got my SSS gift yesterday. Actually, I probably got it on Saturday but this cold has really kicked my ass!

I have to work today and I'm still not feeling very good. I will take pictures soon and post.

Thank you to my SSS! I got some really awesome things:)


georgie said...

cant wait to see what ya got...I'm so nosey LOL

Julie said...

Awww...feel better, honey!

Soxy Deb said...

Can't wait to see!!!

"J" said...

Are you my SSS??? I see you are from CA and I see my gift was shipped from CA?

I'm jumping from blog to blog to see all the SSS that live in CA? lol

It's driving me nuts?!!?

I can't wait to see what you got!

I love love love love love everything in my box!!! LOVE IT!!!!

I'm going to post my SSS gift tomorrow?!?!?

Let me know if you were my SSS?


"J" said...

PS - If you are my SSS - I freaking LOVE LOVE LOVE the Braves Toothbrush!!!! How cool is that? Maybe it's only COOL to a BRAVES fan!!!!!! =) I know Mr. "S" won't pick it up for sure!!! He is soooooooooo NOT a BRAVES FAN!!!!

I will post allllllllllllllll about it tomorrow!!!!!

"J" said...

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhh you are just as SWEET as ever!!!!! Thanks for being a SSS secret stalker!!! HE HE HE!!!!

What a great way for me to guess who you were!!!! =) I love it!!!!

If you don't mind...
Send me your mailing address and I will send you a THANK YOU/CHRISTMAS CARD! =)

My email is


You were a ***WONDERFUL*** SSS!!!!!

Danica Lynn said...

Feel better soon.