Saturday, December 6, 2008

Retreat, Party, Possiblities and an Earthquake.

Yesterday, our Director and Manager put together a retreat for us Midwives. My manager, Red, has a nice condo in the middle of hell. I work in Apple Valley, a depressing Desert town with nothing much to do but watch the sand blow.

Anyway, Red lives up there, actually moved from Huntington Beach. She lives on a man-made lake and actually pretty and serene. During the retreat, my director, Southern Bell, looked out the window to see this really cool, light blue bird. Anyone know what kind of bird this is?

We spent the day reflecting, eating and making bath salts.

I gave up quickly on the bath salt project (can't you buy those) when my first attempt looked like coffee grounds and smelled like Vick's vapor rub. Hmmm, something told me that I wouldn't want to put them in my bath tub. The girls were so kind. They made some for me;)

After the bath salt extravaganza, we had to get ready for the Medical staff party. We all got dolled up for the big event.

I wasn't feeling well. I have a little bit of a cold so I wasn't really in the party mood. But, I popped some Advil and made the best of it. Good thing I did. I met someone.

Mr. J is a Pharmacist at the hospital but lives in the next town over from me. He is attentive, nice looking and smart. We chatted for about an hour playing the "getting to know you." I thoroughly enjoyed the conversation, never once looking at my watch (OK, I wasn't wearing a watch but you know what I mean). He didn't knock me off my feet but I was definitely interested.

However, there are a few issues.

First, he is getting a divorce and it will be final in January. A plus of this part is that they have been separated for 2 years. Negative. What took so damn long?

Second, he has 3 children the youngest is FIVE! UGH! I so don't want to start over. I have raised my kids, thoroughly enjoyed it. But my Babygirl1 is 25 years old and married. I'm looking forward to grand kids not step kids.

However, I am interest enough that when he asked, I gave him my number. He called me after I got home but I missed it. When I finally listen to the message, it was too late to call back. He wants to have brunch tomorrow but I have plans with girlfriend so it will have to wait till next weekend.

Here are a few highlight pictures.

Rockstar, Tigger and me.

Rockstar and her most amusing hubby.

And now for a pic of Mr. J. Ready?

Mr.J, me, Tigger and hubby

What do you think?

In the middle of the party, there was an earthquake. Rockin my world inside and out;)


georgie said...

well he is an attractive man! you looked SMASHING in your cocktail dress and an earthquake too? WOWza what a nite

Julie said...

Damn, gurrrrrrrrl. Hot pink hottie! You looked amazing, no wonder Mr. J was after you!!!!

I think he's adorable. And you should go for it. Let me just tell you that my best friend had decided she was tired of dating, and with her daughter now 18 and out of the house, she was going to take time for herself. Enter widowed dad with three teenage daughters (a 15 year old and two 11 year old twins!). A year and a half later they are happily married and she's back to raising kids. But as I told her when I met him...I wouldn't care if he had an entire orphanage, he was worth it!!!!

So don't rule him out...just see where it goes!

And see if he has a brother for me. :)

Chocolate Covered Daydreams said...

Seriously, Apple Valley? I lived in Victorville for 21 years! Small world!

I too say you should go for it. My girls are 19 and 21 and I was also waiting for grandkids until I met my Boo. He had a 4 month old daughter at the time (not married and the relationship was out the door before the baby was born). She is now almost 2 years old. Just when I thought I couldn't do the toddler/baby thing all over again, I've found that it's enjoyable. Tiring but enjoyable. You can do it, if it's meant to be!

Soxy Deb said...

God bless America - You look great! Smokin actually. I wish I looked that good in a dress like that. DAYUM girl.
Mr J is a nice looking guy. I say persue it and see where it goes.

"J" said...

I think he is nice looking! Very attractive!!!!

Oh by the way I'm here stalking you from the SSS...just in case you were wondering! lol

Any ways...
I must say....HOT DRESS!!! Very Very HOT!!!! =)

Bath Salts...that sounds like fun! I didn't know you could make them...I'm with you...I thought you could buy them! HA!

Now on to the 2 years seperated thing! I jumped into the same thing! Mr. "S" and I met up and he had been split from his ex-wife for almost 2 years! They lived her in Texas...she moved to Ohio (back home) after they split! They just never divorced! It wasn't a big deal to me...she was up there and he was down here! The divorce is final and has been! She is one CRAZY CRAZY EX - I will tell you that! Lots of Drama! UGH! =(

Sorry to go on and on about all that! No need to worry about the 2 year - not divorced thing!

Have yall went on a 2nd date yet?

"J" said...

For real? You have a 25 year old? No way! No Way! No Way!