Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Friday in Frisco.

I used to love to fly. Travel is of course, a passion of mine (duh, I'm travel girl!). But since 9/11, it's become a chore to travel for many reasons but I will name my top three.

1.Arriving at the airport 2 hours prior so you can make it through all security checkpoints. More often than not, I'm waiting around at the gate.
2.Taking off my jewelry, jacket and shoes at the security checkpoints.
3.Liquids and gels in 3 ounce containers and ALL placed in a plastic bag(hello, I'm a female. Do you know how many fucking 3 ounce containers I took? Just guess!)

Yes, I know that you only have to worry about number 3 if you carry on but, I love to carry on. I don't like to check my luggage. I'm worried something will break something. Have you ever watched how they load the luggage on the plane? YIKES.

I'm also worried they will lose my luggage. The airline lost my friend's luggage with many pricey items. It was never recovered(well, I'm sure someone recovered it).

Anyway, I didn't want to check when going to SF because I was only going for 3 days and it's only an hour flight.

After an uneventful flight, we landed in Oakland and took a shuttle bus to SF.

It was a beautiful day. Sunny and warm by SF standards.

I checked my bags at the hotel and walked a few blocks down to try to find something to eat. I read online about an Indian restaurant and I wanted to try it.
I couldn't find the place (found out few days later they changed locations).

I ended up in Union square at Lori's, a reliable hamburger joint.

I headed up the street to pick up my race packet

After I pick up my packet, I roamed around the expo. Many freebies: pedicure, massage but the lines were soooo long I decide to skip it.

Walking back to the hotel, I walked by Niketown and that is where I saw all 20,000 names along the wall. It was so amazing! Of course, I posed with my name for a picture. I was lucky that my name was in the middle. One girl had to stand on her friends back so she could pose by her name.

The rest of the day I strolled around at a leisure pace, enjoying the weather and the many people.

I had dinner at a Chinese restaurant. I brought my camera but, forgot to take pictures. So like any smart blogger, I stole some pictures from the website:)

Brandy Ho's Hunan food is a simple, inexpensive Chinese restaurant outside of China town.If you have never eaten Hunan food, it's know to be spicy. This is the first time I have ever eaten here but came highly recommended. The ambiance is superb and the food is excellent.

Gon Pou Chicken. The chicken was so tender and just the right amount of spicy.

Vegetarian green beans. Yummy. So crisp. So spicy. So. Damn. Good.

Nice walk back to the hotel.

Dinner was a perfect ending to my most fabulous day.

BTW: I took a total of (drum roll) 15 three ounce containers. UGH!


Julie said...

Ah, thanks for the tour. I went to Frisco on my honeymoon, and really enjoyed it.

Can we go to Italy next? Just wondering. LOL

Tina said...

Hi! I just stumbled across your site and I love looking at all of the places you've traveled- I'm very envious! I wanted to ask you a question...how did you like Vienna? I noticed it was the first place you traveled alone. Did you feel safe? Did you like the culture? Could you imagine living there for 5 months? I'm planning to study abroad there next fall and I'm curious of your opinion. Thanks!

Megryansmom said...

Hi it's the welcome wagon again, just to keep things interesting, I'll be randomly revisitng ALL the blogs in SSS. You can call it butt kissing too, just in case you have me as your partner, I want to make sure I've made a good impression.

Julie said...

You want my new man. You know you do.

georgie said...

wow when u go to greece or some tropical place dont forget about me...

i saw ur comment about my blog layout-in the left hand corner of my blog is a button it says cutest blog on the block click it they hand thousands of different layouts and very easy instructions...it is 'blond-da-readable' meaning easy peasy

I am so glad u r part of the SSS and lastly theres megryansmom she is everywhere being a very good sss welcome wagon LOVE it she is like wheres waldo

travel girl said...


I love all of Europe and Vienna is no exception.
I felt very safe in Vienna. The city center has many people walking about late into the evening.

I rode the tram to and from the city center. I felt safe even in the evening.

The fall will be cold. It snowed when I was there in November but it was beautiful. I don't know where you live now but for 5 months, ou can tolerate anything.

I hope you take the chance to study in Vienna. You can travel by train to many other Countries. It would be unforgettable.