Sunday, October 26, 2008

Super Saturday in Frisco

I'm just a little behind on my race weekend re-cap.

Slept in on Saturday. Felt. So. Damn. Good! Looked out my window and saw this:

And this:

Decide to visit the Ferry building. I have never been there and I've been to San Francisco like 8 times!

My friend and I walked there. Two miles. Downhill. What was I thinking? Apparently, not about the trip BACK to the hotel. More on that later.

I love to walk, especially in the city. There are so many things to see that you would not see if you are in a car or on the bus. Like this:

After many stops to check out the goods in Chinatown, we made it to the Ferry building.

The Ferry building is a warehouse building on the bay. It's filled with many speciality shops of candies, cheese, wine etc. A nice bonus today- the farmers market. The fruits were so fresh and many of the vendors had samples. Yummers!

After our satisfying our taste buds with so many good fruits, we sat down at Peet's coffee for a nice warm cup of mojo. we sat outside and enjoyed the view. Nice conversation and plenty of people watching. I heard some chatter and looked over to see this:

The birds had quite a feast but I love the look on the ladies face at the next table.
I'm sure she would be very happy to know I captured her in such a flattering manner.

I had a meeting at 3:00 so we decided we better head back. But first, just one more picture:

So, away we went. The long, walk back to the hotel. Uphill. The whole way. What was I thinking?

Apparently, not about the fact that in 17 hours, I'd be running 13.1 miles.

What an idiot.

Made it back, a little tired, aching feet and very sweaty just in time for my meeting.
Lots of info and motivating stories. One of the speakers told us:"If you think your training was hard, try chemo." Makes me feel so fortunate that I am healthy and can train for this 1/2 marathon. Grateful I was sitting here, in this meeting and not having chemo. Very inspiring.

I was a bad girl and skipped the pasta party that is provided. I am fairly out going and I like to talk to people but, I really don't like to be in large, crowded places with a lot of people I don't know.

Instead, dinner was here:

Yabbies Coastal Kitchen is located in the charming Russian Hills area. Yabbies, named after a freshwater crayfish found in the waters of Australia is a must if you come to San Francisco.

The restaurant is casual with dim lighting and soft music. The service is impeccable and nice on the eyes;)

I only took one picture (again, idiot) and that was of my Caesar salad.

This was the best Caesar salad I have ever had. They make the croutons themselves. Although I'm not a fan of croutons, these were divine. I ate them all even though I had to suck them to soften them up ( I have braces).

My entree sesame crusted seared ahi with sticky rice and ginger soy sauce and carrot Dallon salad. This was a religious experience of it's own.

Dessert. Chocolate lava cake. Good, but not the best I have ever had. The design on the platter was incredible though. Shit, I wish I had taken a picture.

Yabbies has an extensive wine list and I soooo wanted a glass. I passed. Figured I better not drink and run;)


Deb said...

Those are some awesome pics. And do you know how right you are about the walking as opposed to driving. I never think about it till it's too late and then I kick myself for not walking. You see so many more sights.

The sesame crusted seared ahi is my absolute favorite way to eat tuna. I had some thursday night and I have even made it here at home. It's never as good as eating out, but I'm working on it!

And can I tell you how inspiring you are? It's just amazing that you made this run. I thank you for that from my mom!

Julie said...

Mmmm, I keep remembering my honeymoon there with these posts. I had the best Bloody Mary down on the wharf somewhere. Yum.

Mrs Parks said...

That salad is crazy!
Did you pick it up and eat it like a sandwich? (JK)

My sister and her daughter just returned from SF and loved EVERY minute of it.
They live in the San Juans, so the climate is similar but the history, architecture and shopping are waaaaayy different.

My father was born and raised SF, so I would love to go sometime.

Again, love the photographs.