Saturday, October 4, 2008

Not so good news.

Yesterday I went with my sister to a Doctors appointment. she had went to this Doctor for a second opinion after she was told she had Lymphoma and then "oops" you don't.

Working in the medical profession i find myself critical of others in the same field.
I was not so happy with this Doctor's communication skills.

He entered the room without so much as a "hello" or "how are you". Instead, he enters the room and says "well, all your lab work is normal". My sister Lisa looked at me and smiled. I said "we're not done yet.

Next, without washing his hands, he started his exam. little bitch sister that I am found myself saying aloud "Shouldn't you wash your hands?" His facial expression definitely spoke louder than words and his reply was exactly what I expected. "I washed them before I entered the room." Yea, right.

After he felt up Lisa's neck he looked at her PET scan. Mumbling to himself I heard the word "Positive". Again, little bitch sister says "so what does that mean?"
Doctor: There are some hot spots.

Little bitch sister:Hot spots? what exactly does this tell you?

Doctor: Suspicious

Little bitch sister: (Highly annoyed) Suspicious for WHAT???

Doctor: Cancer. Lymphoma.

Lisa sunk on the exam table. She didn't want to hear these words.

The Doctor then told us that he would have to do another biopsy because the wonderful facility in Lake Havasu Arizona, where Lisa lives, fucked up and didn't perform the right test on the samples obtain from her first biopsy.

She also needs to see an Oncologist to form a plan "in case" it's cancer.
Tuesday, she will have this appointment.

Lisa has decided to hold on to the hope that she doesn't have cancer. She said to me after the appointment "maybe I just have big lymph nodes".

Maybe so. I hope so.


Julie said...

hey kiddo, I'm out of town but saw the headline of this on my blog lsit and had to read. just wanted you to know I am keeping her in my thoughts and prayers for GOOD news aka big lymph nodes....


Julie Reeg said...

Sending out good thoughts and prayers for your sis and her appointment tomorrow. Let me know how it goes....

Julie said...

Any news? Been thinking about her today....and praying for the best.