Friday, October 10, 2008

Work humor

Work has sure kicked my ass over the last month.
I think the last 2 weeks have been particularly tough because my days off were spent with my sis at her medical appointments.

I would not have missed the appointments for anything but it did get my ass.

I'm a Midwife, delivering babies in the hospital setting. My shift when I am in the hospital is 24 hours. I live an hour away so on my 24's I need to stay in the hospital.

I LOVE,LOVE my job. If we are meant to have a "calling" in life, this is definitely mine.

I know I said I LOVE my job (or was that LOVE,LOVE?) but the other night I was way tired and a bit cranky. I was quiet all day (always a bad sign). I was ready to settle in for the night and the phone rang. the nurse says I have a pt. in labor.

I drag my cranky ass out to the nurses' station and put a fake smile on before I enter the patients. room.

As I open the door, I'm greeted by this:
(all names changed for privacy)
girl: "Tom, I want an epidural."
Tom:"honey, you don't want an epidural. The feeling of pain is all in your head. Remember your birth plan?"
girl:(crying) I didn't know it would hurt this bad. seriously, I can't do..sobs louder now..fuck, here's another one."
Tom:"take a cleansing breath. Okay, the contrac
He's interrupted by blood curdling scream.
Girl is sobbing now. "Oh God, oh God.. I..I think..

And just like something out of a scary movie, she spews green shit ALL over TOM. It is literally dripping off him.

It was one of the most disgusting and funniest things I have ever seen.

Tom excused himself rather quickly. I heard later he threw up in the bathroom.

Girl got her epidural.

She delivered at 4 am:( F!


Julie said...

Yea, you're back! I couldn't get to your blog yesterday, it kept saying it didn't exist!!! I was getting a little freaked out! LOL

georgie said...

Oh my I could NOT have done it without an epidural-geesh i am such a wimp!
btw...i am following you now...

Rachel and Jacob said...

ew. my goodness that is funny! i guess he got it! hah

Julie said...

If you're reading my blog from the start, I hope you aren't bored to death by it! LOL

You may find I'm far more dysfunctional than I look!

georgie said...

to add the sss label just right click which pic you want then save to your pc....then go to your dashboard under layout add a gadget look for add a picture-then upload the pic that u saved and link back to the SSS posts(if you click on my sss pic on my sidebar you will see all posts pertaining to SSS-then copy and paste that link into the link box when you upload the pic)

if you need any help feel free to email me

Tulsi said...

My best friend is a midwife. She teaches the Bradley method. I'm an epidural girl and she loves me anyway. That sounds like a cool profession. My daughter is going to nursing school and wants to work in Labor and Delivery.