Monday, October 13, 2008

Time moves too fast.

I picked buddy up from football practice and took him shopping tonight. The weather has turned to bitter cold. Got to love California. Last week people still had their air condition on.

He found his jacket rather quickly and then we went to dinner.

I love this kid. There was a time, age 9-11 that I could have killed him. He was angry about the divorce which made him a pretty angry kid.

A little counseling, my boy is a nice young man. I really enjoy his company. We travel together, he never complains. He is intelligent and we have better conversations together than I do with most adults.

We had such a nice dinner, chatting about politics, college and football. We laughed about his game last week when he recovered a fumble only to just stand there with the ball held high, shocked at his accomplishment.

As we left for dinner, he patiently held the door open as a family with 2 young kids walked through. They thanked him and he simply said "no problem."

I look up to him now. At 6 foot tall he isn't a little boy anymore. He is a fine young man.


Julie said...

Awww, what a great young man you've raised! Isn't it funny how our kids turn out pretty damn good, either because of us or in spite of us? I know when I look at my son, I know I've done something right....

Julie said...

I'm having the hardest time accessing your blog! Did you delete a post about Bush?

travel girl said...

Nope, didn't delete it and don't know what the hell happen to it.
How does that happen?

I'm not smart enough to figure this shit out!

travel girl said...

Umm so I'm the BIGGEST LOSER!

Last night when I tried to edit my post, I must have deleted by accident.

It's truly amazing that I make it through life day to day!

Deb said...

It's a great day when we realize that our little men have become grown men. Add to that grown men who we respect and are respectful and it makes it all worth it.
Sounds like you just had that day.

"I found your blog via 47 and starting over.
I love your counter tops and so impressed you can do this on your own.
I can hardly file my own nails. "

That's funny and sad (lol) if you were closer I could help you with home improvements, but you're on the other side of the country.

georgie said...

what a beautiful post! I had tears in my eyes geesh...

now about uploading pics-it is easiest to do this useing 'blogger in draft' the regular blogger post pisses me off email me if you need more help

Lottifish said...

Awww...congrats on raising a fine young man.

I'm a fellow SSS'er, just checking out your blog :)

Coloradolady said...

What a great is amazing to see them transform into adults....and not such hostile teens...or preteens.

I am visiting from the SSS and had a enjoyable visit.

Have a great weekend..